Getting ready

Yesterday I made 4 of my cookie doughs.ImageChewy ginger

ImageChewy sugar    This is the dough for my granny’s keflies.  The dough is a pound (yes, four sticks) of softened butter, 2 pkgs of softened cream cheese (8 oz each), and six cups of flour.  Mix up your butter and cream cheese.  When it is all combined, add in 3 cups of the flour.  Then it will look like this…


Then add the last 3 cups of flour.  Your cabinet will look like this….


If you have a fool proof method to avoid the above I would LOVE to know about it! Even with a Kitchen Aid, you won’t be able to mix all this flour in without using your hands.  Turn your mixer off and put about half the dough on the counter and work the dough so that flour is combined.  Then smooth out the dough and dump the rest of the bowl on top.  See all the flour in the bottom of the bowl that needs to be mixed in?


Pour that flour on top and fold the dough over it ten start kneading/working the dough so that all the flour is incorporated and the dough is smooth.


Once all the flour is incorporated and the dough is smooth, shape it into a log


Then look down at the mess on your floor and be glad that you wisely decided to do this BEFORE you swept and mopped your kitchen.


Then divide the dough into 4 equal parts and wrap each in wax paper.


Put them in a ziploc and throw them in the freezer.  I tell you what to do next in a couple of weeks.  🙂


Here’s a copy of the recipe my granny wrote out for me.  The laptop is there for the other recipes I was using.

Next up, I made 4 pie crusts in prep for next week.  I use Sylvia’s Pie Crust recipe from the Pioneer Woman blog.

november 2013 025 november 2013 026Here’s my 4 cookie doughs:  sugar, ginger, chocolate chip shortbread, and keflienovember 2013 028

Here’s my pie crusts.  These get wrapped in wax paper and thrown in the freezer too.

Then I go and sweep and mop the floor.  🙂

On another note, I got some Crayola colored chalk for my chalkboard this weekend. So, I decided to try and get a little bit fancier than I have been on my weekly menu…

november 2013 029

Now, I need to work on my sizing and spacing (because I could only get 3 days on here!), but every time I walk by this board it just makes me smile.  🙂  I love it!  And the boys are checking it out every day—just to confirm how many days they still have to go to school!

Blessings friends,


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