14 days ’til Christmas–better get a wreath on the door

I’ve been thinking about making this wreath for months.  The problem is that I haven’t moved past the thinking stage.  I had all the supplies and the idea, so I just needed to DO it.

Here’s all my stuff…

Image   Now, I can tell you that I have more here than I will end up using.  I got it all out because I wasn’t sure what I would use or need.  I think that is how it often goes when you are making a wreath or flower arrangement.  And I prefer to have everything that I might need on hand rather than stopping in the middle of what I am working on to go and track down more materials.

Image  I started with placing the hydrangeas.  I knew these were “for sure” and since they were the largest items to be on the wreath they were the logical starting point.  Now, you can use floral wire or even pipe cleaners to wire your items on to your grapevine wreath.  This is especially good to do if you know that you are going to want to take things off later to reuse or repurpose.  I have no plans to reuse any of this stuff (actually most of this stuff is in the 2nd or 3rd project now) so I used hot glue.

Once I had the largest portion of the wreath in place.  I started working with the burlap.  This the second time I’ve done a project with burlap and I think it may be my last.  I love the look but it is very difficult for me to work with.  It makes a HUGE mess and it isn’t easy to manipulate.  I knew I wanted to make a bow with this but…that plan wasn’t going very well.  What I finally came up with was to fold the burlap into loops and wire the base of each loop to hold it’s shape.  ImageThen I crossed the two loops over and wired them together in the middle  That looks kind of bow-like right?ImageThen I THOUGHT I would glue it onto my wreath.  But that didn’t really work too well, so I ended up wiring the bow onto the wreath.  Image Ugly, I know.  But, I’m about to cover that up.


Looking better.  I added in a few more sprigs of holly and pine and tucked in the ends of the bow, because I didn’t like how they looked sticking out on the sides.

Image  I wasn’t planning to use that last hydrangea bloom  that is up there on the top.  And this is the direction I had planned to hang the wreath as I was making it.  But then after I got the bow on, I felt like I needed something above the bow.  And once I put that hydrangea above the bow I started thinking that maybe I would turn it on the side to hang it.  Like this….

Image  And that is how it now looks on my front door.  Here’s a wider shot with my mini pine trees in the pic.


I got the galvanized buckets at a yard sale in the summer and I knew I wanted to get mini trees to put in them.  These babies were on clearance for $4 at Lowes on black Friday!!! SCORE!!! I just added red and white tulle.  As you can see the snow/ice messed up my bow on the one at the edge of the porch.  Mother Nature is messing with my decor!

Blessings friends!

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