Mom Jail

My youngest child and I have an ongoing battle.  He throws stuff all over his room and then I send him back in to the room to pick it up.  I scold him and he promises that it won’t happen again.  But it does happen again….and again…and again.  Now, I have tried everything to get this kid to put things away.  Consequences, bribes, rewards, working with him, making him do it on his own, asking him how it should be organized, blah, blah, blah.  I still walk in his room in the morning to find this…ImageImage  Not even IN the room yet!

ImageImageImage  This is every day.  And really, this isn’t one of the worst messes I’ve found.  Sunday I told this boy that on Monday I was implementing “mom jail.”  This means that anything that I find on the floor (or cabinet, table, shelf, etc) that he has been told to put away is getting picked up and put in a big trash bag and it becomes mine until further notice.  And THEN, he is going to have to PAY me to “bail” his stuff out of mom jail.  Well, guess what I did this morning.

ImageThat box?  The Jail!

Image  Look at all this stuff!ImageImage  Even Oreo thinks this room is much nicer when it is cleaned up!

Now, he has been home for hours.  He has been in and out of his room several times.  He has yet to mention any of the missing items.  Now, I’m really curious to see how long it takes for him to realize that he has lost some things.  NOTE:  I didn’t put the clothes in mom jail.  Because, he really won’t care about those going missing and then he’ll outgrow them, so that’s just shooting myself in the foot!  Instead, I kicked the clothes into the closet with the other clothes he had laying there.  I sent him in to pick up and put away all the clothes as soon as we got home.  I haven’t checked yet to see if he actually took care of them or not.  I’m betting NOT!

Blessings friends!

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