Menu plan Nov 16 – 22

It’s supposed to be cold next week.  That means soup and crock pot meals are on the menu!!!

Saturday   Lasagna soup

Sunday      Ranch pork chops (crock pot)

Monday     Chicken enchiladas  (I make a double batch of these and then throw one in the freezer)

Tuesday     Chicken tomato soup (crock pot)

Wednesday    Grilled cheese sandwiches and any leftover soup

Thursday     Cracker Barrel chicken tenders

Friday       hmmm…don’t know…we’ll either go with some homemade pizza or pick something up

Blessings friends!


menu plan for Nov 3-7

I spent the entire morning scrubbing down the cabinets in my kitchen, cleaning the baseboards, scrubbing out the sink and microwave.  You get the idea.  It was exciting.  Then I spent the afternoon cleaning the rest of the house.  I know, you’re jealous.  Don’t hate me because my house is clean.  🙂

Here’s the menu plan for next week.  And a couple of breakfast recipes too!

Blessings friends,


SUNDAY    Chicken Schnitzel

MONDAY    Baked tacos

TUESDAY     wedge salads and steak

WEDNESDAY  Chickeny goodness (crock pot recipe)

THURSDAY     pizza

FRIDAY  ?? up in the air, we usually pick up take out on Friday evenings

Also making the following for breakfast this weekend (and any leftovers for breakfast during the week)

Baked oatmeal

Overnight waffles

Hash brown casserole (like Cracker Barrel)

menu plan for Oct 27-Nov 1

I discovered a while back how much easier the week goes if I have a menu plan.  Usually on Thursday night, I look at the calendar for next week to see what we have going, look at the weather forecast for the upcoming week, and then go through Pinterest to figure out what I will be making for dinner.  As I plan out the menu for the following week, I also make my grocery list.  I review the recipes I will be using and list anything I need from the grocery store.  I also take into consideration anything I have on hand and/or in the freezer.

With all that said…here’s the menu for next week!

Sun:  roast and veggies in the crock pot  Here is a FABULOUS roast recipe!

Mon:  Christmas day chicken served with cous cous and green beans

Tue:  chicken chili and cornbread (I actually have these already made and in the freezer)  The link to the recipe here isn’t the one that I use—I just wing it—but it looks alot like what I make.

Wed:  Homemade mac and cheese and salad

Thur:  chicken tortellini soup

Fri:  we are getting burgers and fries—or some other take out.  🙂

Blessings friends!


Sewing, sewing, sewing….

I posted a while back about the re-paint of the living room—going from chocolate brown to rain drop grey.  This change of room color necessitated a change in window treatments.  Mr. G really, really, wants blinds in here.  And I wanted curtains.  So, we decided/compromised that we are going to get white, wooden blinds (the kind with the wide slats).  But I still wanted some fabric on these things.  So I made panels to go in between the windows.  

Why did I make them?  Because I couldn’t find a color or pattern that I liked and because I only wanted narrow panels to fit in between the windows not cover the windows.  

So here they are…..



What I did was find two grey panels from Target.  I split them each down the middle to make four narrow panels.  Then, I got some patterned fabric that I liked (from Hobby Lobby).  I measured 18″ up from the bottom hem and then cut across each panel.  Added in the patterned fabric and put all the pieces back together.  Need a better explanation?  With pictures?  Think you might want to make some for yourself?  Then come back tomorrow!  I just finished some curtains for C’s room and took step by step pics just for you!

Blessings friends,


What is happening here?

look at this picture……


She stayed like this for some time.  We were laughing at her.  Was she pretending to be an ostrich and this was her version of sticking her head in the sand?  Did she think that we couldn’t see her because she couldn’t see us?  Was she playing hide and seek?  

Who knows?  Our pets are just as crazy as the humans who live here!

Blessings friends,