Mom Jail

My youngest child and I have an ongoing battle.  He throws stuff all over his room and then I send him back in to the room to pick it up.  I scold him and he promises that it won’t happen again.  But it does happen again….and again…and again.  Now, I have tried everything to get this kid to put things away.  Consequences, bribes, rewards, working with him, making him do it on his own, asking him how it should be organized, blah, blah, blah.  I still walk in his room in the morning to find this…ImageImage  Not even IN the room yet!

ImageImageImage  This is every day.  And really, this isn’t one of the worst messes I’ve found.  Sunday I told this boy that on Monday I was implementing “mom jail.”  This means that anything that I find on the floor (or cabinet, table, shelf, etc) that he has been told to put away is getting picked up and put in a big trash bag and it becomes mine until further notice.  And THEN, he is going to have to PAY me to “bail” his stuff out of mom jail.  Well, guess what I did this morning.

ImageThat box?  The Jail!

Image  Look at all this stuff!ImageImage  Even Oreo thinks this room is much nicer when it is cleaned up!

Now, he has been home for hours.  He has been in and out of his room several times.  He has yet to mention any of the missing items.  Now, I’m really curious to see how long it takes for him to realize that he has lost some things.  NOTE:  I didn’t put the clothes in mom jail.  Because, he really won’t care about those going missing and then he’ll outgrow them, so that’s just shooting myself in the foot!  Instead, I kicked the clothes into the closet with the other clothes he had laying there.  I sent him in to pick up and put away all the clothes as soon as we got home.  I haven’t checked yet to see if he actually took care of them or not.  I’m betting NOT!

Blessings friends!


Jack has returned!

The past two years, Jack has returned from the North Pole on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Which has resulted in about an extra week of his visit.  Since Thanksgiving is late this year, and because he got held up at the North Pole, he didn’t arrive at our house until this morning.  He brought breakfast.  What a model house guest!

E is THRILLED that Jack has returned.  Tonight he has left a note for Jack to deliver to Santa.  

“Dear Santa,

I want a Yugioh tin or a new Ninjago Lego set.  But early.  Love, E”  

How unfortunate for E that Santa doesn’t deliver early gifts.  

Blessings friends,


They didn’t love them

I had seen multiple pins on Pinterest to make your own breakfast sandwiches.  You know, english muffin with some eggs and cheese, wrapped up and then warmed in the microwave each morning.  When I was at Sam’s the other day, I picked up a package of english muffins and thought I would make some these for the boys.  See, my kids are breakfast people.  No cereal for these guys.  They want eggs, bacon, oatmeal, pancakes, etc.  And that is great—on the weekends.  On week days, not a lot of time to make and consume their preferred breakfast items.  So, I typically try and have some stuff already made that they can just warm up.  I’ve made ahead bacon, oatmeal, cream of wheat, pancakes, muffins, etc.  I assumed the breakfast sandwiches would be a big success.  Ummm, not so much.




Most pins I saw made the eggs in muffin pans. But I had these “muffin top” pans and thought they would be better.  I made a pan of eggs and bacon and a pan of eggs with tomatoes and spinach.  




Added a slice of cheddar





Add the egg and the other half of the muffin





wrap it up, label them and off to the fridge they go.  

E took one bite of one on Monday morning and he said that (a) he didn’t like those seeds on the english muffin and (b) he really “prefers provolone cheese” and would I just make the eggs from now on and he would use the egg to make his own sandwich.  

C said they were OK but not great.  I guess they weren’t awful, there’s only one left so someone’s eaten them, or thrown them away.  

I guess I’ll make a pot of oatmeal for tomorrow.  

Blessings friends,


Halloween goodies for school!

2 more days til Halloween! 

I had planned to break out some Pinterest ideas for treats to send up to the little boy’s school but then found out otherwise.  The school only allows two parties a year (Christmas and Valentine’s) and teachers are not allowed to hand out “treats” to kids.  😦 But I spoke to E’s teacher and she said that I could send pencils or some other non-food item.  



So off to the dollar store I went.  I found erasers, pencils, and glow bracelets.  

I also found some little plastic treat bags with candy corn printed on them.  Of course, the pencils and glow bracelets were a little too long for the bags!  Soooooo… I thought that I would get some colored baker’s twine to tie the pencils together but then I found some tobacco colored yarn.  Hmmm…twine for $6 or yarn for 30 cents?  I think I’ll go with the yarn!




For the tags, I cut 2 12×12 pieces of orange card stock into 2×3 strips.  Cut the ends with shaped scissors.  Used a Halloween stamp for the graphic and then free handed “spooky” letters to say “happy Halloween!”   








Then I just tied the tag to the baggies, which gave the added benefit of tying the pencils and bracelets together so that they were less likely to slip out of the bags.  **NOTE:  3 glow bracelets were sacrificed during this process.  They were inadvertently “popped” while being tied and bagged.  So, make sure you have some extras!

Then, I got a little something together to send to E’s teacher.  




This was simple!  I already had the hand sanitizer and wipes on hand.  I used some glue dots to stick the bottles together back to back.  Ran a simple ribbon around then and added the cute tag.  I love a teacher gift that can be put to good use!  Do

On a separate note, I know I have been missing around here.  I am still not feeling well.  It is a long story, and you don’t come here to hear me whine.  😦  But, I am feeling a little better each day and I am posting as much as I can as often as I can.  

Blessings friends!



Happy, happy birthday to YOU!

Look at that little cutie pie!  That was back on his 5th birthday.  (I don’t have his baby pics on the computer.  That was back when we still printed out actual pictures!)

This was the spring break before his little brother was born.  We were in San Antonio.  Look how happy he is to get his picture taken.  Now he says “No paparazzi!!!”

What a proud big brother!

That precious boy is 14 today!!!!


all ready for the first day of school this year.

what a cool teenager

he’s an awesome big brother.

I can’t believe how grown up he is and how fast this 14 years has passed.  I know everyone says that, it’s still true.

He is the best kid.  He is smart and kind.  He has a tender heart.  He loves his family.  He is a hard worker.  He is loyal and funny.  He is a wonderful, amazing young man.  We are very blessed to be his parents.

Blessings friends,


4 more days til the fair

Well, technically that’s not true.  The fair itself starts tomorrow but the first day for drop off of baked items is Monday.  Cakes….that’s what is being judged on Monday.  There are 13 categories in “Cakes.” 

. Chocolate Cake-layered, frosted
2. Chocolate Sheet Cake-frosted
3. Pound Cake, unfrosted, unglazed
4. Pound Cake-frosted or glazed, with nuts or fruit
5. Yellow Cake-layered, frosted
6. Any cake containing fruit in the batter (example:
Fruit Cocktail, Dates, Plums, Pears, Etc.)
7. Any cake containing nuts in the batter
8. Spiced Cake-layered, frosted
9. Italian Cream Cake
10. Coconut Cake-any cake with coconut in the batter
11. German Chocolate
12. Any cake with vegetables added to the batter (ex.
Sauerkraut, Carrots, Pinto Beans, Etc.)
13. Any cake from a mix


That’s alot of cake!  I have a recipe that I have chosen to enter for each category, but I haven’t decided if I will actually bake an entry for each category.  I’ve got 5 cakes for sure.  

I’ve already made, and frozen, 4 batches of cookie dough (that’s next Friday).  

1.  Sugar Cookies
2. Oatmeal Cookies
3. Peanut Butter Cookies
4. Brownies – Chocolate
5. Bar Cookies
6. Chocolate Chip Cookies
7. Almond Cookies
8. Pecan Cookies
9. Molasses Cookies

I’ve got my peanut butter, chocolate chip, sugar and oatmeal doughs made.  I know I will also do brownies but I think that is it for the cookies. If you want the recipe, click on the links up there.  They are good—I hope they win!

I’m not entering any pies because I have already committed to subbing on the day they are due.  

Breads are due on Wednesday.  There are 13 categories in there too.  

. Yeast, White Loaf (plain)
2. Yeast, Whole Wheat Loaf (no white flour and plain)
3. Yeast, other kind of loaf (NO MONKEY BREAD)

4. Yeast, Pull Apart (any shape)
5. Yeast, Dinner Roll
6. Yeast, Coffee Cake
7. Cornbread (6 pieces or muffins) (plain)
8. Cornbread (6 pieces or muffins) Other: such as Sausage,
Cheese, Bacon
9. Non-yeast Muffins (6)
10. Non-yeast, Fruit Bread

I have recipes for all of those too but again, not sure how many I will actually bake.  
11. Non-yeast, other kind of loaf (no fruit bread)
12. Biscuits (6 non-yeast) (plain)
13. Biscuits (6 non-yeast) Other, such as Sausage,
Cheese, Bacon

I’ll post the cake and bread recipes for you when I finalize what I’m baking and what recipes I’m using.  

Oh! And the boys are supposed to be baking some cookies for the fair too.  Their entries have to be turned in by Saturday.  I’ll post their recipes and results as soon as I have them.  

Blessings friends,